Dartmoor reared,

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Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor has been farmed by man for over 6,000 years, its landscape of open Moorland, craggy granite tors and deep wooded river valleys is inexplicitly linked with its farming heritage. As custodians of the internationally important landscape of Dartmoor, our farmers have the responsibility of managing the land for themselves, their families, the environment, local communities, businesses and visitors.

Without their experience, expertise and stock, the Moor would be an entirely different place. When teamed with selective burning, the mixed grazing patterns of the ponies, sheep and cattle create the open Moorland areas with their natural grasslands and peat bogs which support internationally important wildlife species.

“The sheep, the cattle, the wildlife, the tourists and the farmers. We’re all joined to the earth by the moor.”
Matt Cole, Finalist for Sheep Innovator of the Year at the British Farming Awards.