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dartmoor-farmers-3Joining forces in 2007 and with the support of HRH, the Prince of Wales, a group of Dartmoor hill farmers formed the Dartmoor Farmers Association, responding to demand for quality local British produce and to ensure the future success of upland farming on the moor.

We comprise more than 30 hill farmers working cooperatively, championing quality Beef and Lamb produced on the moor in a move away from commodity driven supply to the supply of a unique premium brand. This will strengthen the future of sustainable hill farming on and around the Dartmoor, while maintaining the environment for wildlife, recreation and tourism.

Dartmoor FarmersOur passion, both for the beauty of Dartmoor and a belief in the importance of farming native breeds of sheep and cattle in this unique landscape in an environmentally sensitive way, is the underlying principle behind our organisation.

We believe that expert husbandry, honed over generations, and using to our advantage the landscapes of Dartmoor National Park provides unique Beef and Lamb of exceptional quality and flavour.

We encourage you to treat yourselves to a taste of Dartmoor, while supporting a unique way of life in the heart of Devon


Dartmoor Farmers Film

This film, by Chris Chapman & Kate King, was commissioned in 2008 by Dartmoor Farmers Ltd to promote the special qualities of traditional livestock bred on the moor. Chris Chapman's footage shows the beauty of the moor and the working farms, woven in and out with interviews with the farmers themselves, a local chef and a farmer’s wife cooking Sunday dinner for the family. It puts the message about sustainability, public benefit and good food over in a highly original way.


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Dartmoor Farmers Limited are grateful for funding through the Rural Development Programme for England in respect of marketing assistance for 2010 and 2011